Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"You are at a cross-roads, you can go east or west."

We are at a potential cross-roads in online games in the United States, and its important the consumers understand the stakes.

Here's a simple question:

Its a given in a capitalist society that either you run a business to make money or you don't have a business very long.
Therefor in business, the primary motivator for any decision is "how do we make money."

Would you rather the developer of your favorite game's primary motivation be to provide an entertaining game that motivates and keeps subscribers, or a game that motivates you to "buy stuff."?

To put it simply, do you want to be entertained or sold to? Because thats the real choice. Ironically, as an important online developer, I find myself in the position of the salesman today when I really want to be an entertainer.

What do YOU want me to be?

Either way, you the consumer *will* be paying for it or there will be no more games. Your choice of ways to pay makes the difference in what we as developers become.

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