Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AARP under right wing attack

The AARP, traditionally a strong supporter of medicare and social security and a pain in the ass to conservatives wishing to cripple or eliminate these programs, is currently under the same kind of low-political and propaganda attack we just recently saw leveled at PBS.

If you appreciate the AARP but are under 50 years of age, you might want to show support now by becoming an associate member for $12.50.

As a little fore-warned is fore-armed reading, the right is quoting this article BADLY out of context and in very misleading ways. if you think you might have to discuss it with someone, its worth reading in its entirety...


Keshlam said...

I have a bit of a grump with the AARP from when they were on the wrong side of the prescription drug debate. (JK-T has strong opinions on that, if I remember correctly.) I haven't yet decided whether they're really a net good or not.

Though almost anything that the right wing considers worth attacking probably has some good to it.

bedi said...

Is there a link or form to become an AARP associate member? I've signed up twice on AARP website and completed the membership payment but everytime the credit card charge gets reverted and I don't receive any mail/email from AARP.