Monday, August 24, 2009

Champiosn Online Update


I played with a friend last night who has more of the game figured out. The GUI is awful so I don't blame myself for not finding these, but she showed me how to turn off the ugly black lines. She also says there is a way to get all the powers in power selection but its hidden.

We played together for a bit. The game was faster and easier with a team... but it wasn't a whole lot more fun. In the end its still the same-old same-old boring MMO play and very very reminiscent of the CoH experience.

So while some details have changed my report stays more or less the same. They are scheduled to launch this puppy in a few weeks and sst way too early. I think id maybe pay $5 a month for the experience as is, but no more.


EvilJohn said...

Hey Jeff,

I'm playing it as well, you can find me with @EvilJohn .

I mostly wanted to played it as a filler until STO was released, and as a break from WoW.

How did you turn off those ugly black lines?

Ellis1138 said...

The main trouble is (to borrow a phrase from is that Champions Online's UI is "mystery meat". While I'm not one of the best UI users, CO's is not inuitive at all.

Around your minimap in the top left of it is a C. That brings up a box of miscellaneous things. Go to Options, Video, advanced video, scroll down and turn comic book outline to Off.

There's other stuff that took me days to find or ask about, like walking, or whether there were social hubs. But with the Caprice Club set to 30 max, I can't see many RP events happening.