Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dying on demand

Its hard to do anything in this country of value that puts any group with money in a less then favorable position.  As such it was just a matter of time til the insurance industry and their cronies started trying to scare people away from getting better health-care.

Last time around the lie was "god forbid we might end up like Canada..."  Yes, god forbid we MIGHT end up like Canada.  I've traveled to Canada a lot on business and have taken it on myself over the years to do my own survey.  And you know what? From cab drivers to business executives, I have yet to meet a *single* Canadian who is unhappy with their health care system.  Compare that with the number of Americans who are really happy with their insurance provider.  We could do worse then to end up like Canada.

It turns out that the only people who don't like the Canadian health system... are the American health insurance companies.  Well, now, there's a surprise, huh?

Unfortunately for the insurance companies this time around, Canada is in SO much better economic shape then we are right now that, when the Comparison is drawn, even the dumbest American has to wonder if being Canadian is really all that bad.  SO their new target is England and the brittish National Health Service.

I listen to the brittish equivalent of NPR's "wait wait don't tell me", they call it the "News Quiz."   The britts are rather incensed at our attacks of their helath care system and have some both funny and pointed things to say.  More or less they all come down to this:

"Well its true, with the NHS you have to wait for treatment somtimes, where as in the American system you can die any time you want."

That about sums it up.

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