Thursday, November 6, 2008

A word for MacCain

And now a word for the Hon. Sentator from Arizona... and its not PPPBBBTTT!

I actually think John McCain's concession speech was terrific.    I especially appreciated the disapproval he showed at his loyal followers booing at the name of the President Elect. 

This is the John McCain I remember from when he ran againt Bush.  The John McCain I could actually consider voting for.   He disappeared during this race, replaced by a low pandering B grade politician but in defeat he was far more gracious then he had been when he had a chance.

I don't really think that this is his fault.  I believe John McCain to be a man of great loyalties and very much driven by duty.  During the campaign, I think he felt obligated to run it the way his party, driven by slime like Karl Rove, told him to.  Once Barak Obama was elected, however, I think the same sense of duty drove him to support his new president.

I also think John McCain wants to end his career with something historic.  And if thats not being president, he can at least be a major player in the administration OF an historic president.  I think he'd be an asset to all concerned and I, and I hope our president, would welcome his involvement.

As for Ms. Palin, well, I was inspired by a friend of my wife's at seminary.  Joyce, this is for you....

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