Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Samsung Instinct

Well, I went ahead and got the instinct from Sprint.

Is it really as good as the iphone? No, not really. Its not a bad little phone but it certainly hasn't "solved" the small screen web interface problems the way the Iphone has. The on screen keyboard is a bit easier to use, that's about its only plus. I also miss being able to do wifi, that really made the iphone not just a phone but a good pocket terminal tool.

BUT I will use it, and smile evrey time I get abill from Sprint knowing thats one more payment AT&T lost from me because of the arrogant apathy of their customer disservice agents.

Rumors are Apple may release an unlocked iphone 3G in a year. If so, I might just say screw it and buy one. It will be worth paying $200 - $400 more for it JUST so I am not a prisoner of any phone company-- especially AT&T.

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