Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome to my new Blog Home

Welcome folks,

Whether you are coming over from my old blog at or are discovering this new for the first time, thanks for stopping in.

Starting today this will be my new home for what used to be the "The Way The Game Is Played" blog. Those of you familiar with it know it rambles. In the past I've posted little game coding tutorials, humor pieces, politics, and just about anything else that I felt like saying from my street-corner soapbox. This will be more of the same.

As you are maybe aware, this blog transition marks a life transition for me. I am leaving sun after almost 10 years. That is by far the longest time I have ever spent at a single company and Sun was one of the few large companies eclectic enough to hold my interest for that sort of timespan. But my career was born in startups and thats really where my heart is. My move to being the Chief Technical Monkey (CTO) at Rebel Monkey Software is a move back into that space, and a very exciting one for me, presonally.

The Rebel Monkeys are currently in "run-silent/run-deep" mode so I can't say a lot about what we are doing yet except that its in the casual MMO space and that Project Darkstar plays an important part in it. As I can tell you more, I will.

So, welcome to the trees and if you swing along on the vines with me I promise at least the same kind of plain spoke, irreverent and hopefully thought provoking blog material I have posted in the past.

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